Reports, Policy Work, and Book Chapters

Geopolitics and the Cost of FDI Fragmentationwith J. Ahn, S.Aiyar, A. Habib, A. Presbitero (2023), in Aiyar, S, A Presbitero and M Ruta (eds),  Geoeconomic Fragmentation: The Economic Risks from a Fractured World Economy CEPR Press, Paris & London 

Geoeconomic Fragmentation and Foreign Direct Investmentwith J. Ahn, B. Carton, A. Habib, D. Muir, A. Presbitero, April World Economic Outlook Ch 4, 2023

Regional Disparities in Europe, with R.  Balakrishnan, L. Rabier, C. H. Ebeke, M. Firat , IMF Working Paper 2022/198

G-20 Surveillance Note,  with M. Benatiya Andaloussi, L. Christiansen, E. Bang, S. Chan, B. Zhou, Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meetings, July 15-16, 2022, Bali, Indonesia

Minimizing Scarring from the Pandemic,  with M. Benatiya Andaloussi, L. Christiansen, A. Habib, E. Bang, C. Fizzarotti, C. Wang, IMF G20 Background Note, 2022

Global Trade and Value Chains in the Pandemicwith T. Lan, A. Mohommad, A. Presbitero, G. Sher, April World Economic Outlook Ch 4, 2022

European Labor Markets and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Fallout and the Path Aheadwith S. Ando, R. Balakrishnan, B. Gruss, J. Hallaert, L. Jirasavetakul, K. Kirabaeva, N. Klein, A. Lariau, L. Liu, H. Qu and A. Solovyeva, IMF Departmental Paper, 2022

Boosting Productivity in the Aftermath of COVID-19with L. Christiansen, A. Habib, M. MacDonald, M. Tsaroucha and B. Zou, IMF G20 Background Note, 2021

A European Minimum Wage: Implications for Poverty and Macroeconomic Imbalances, with E. Detragiache, C. H. Ebeke, L. F. Jirasavetakul, K. Kirabaeva, F. Misch, H. Woo Park, Y. Shi , IMF Working Paper 20/59

Strengthening the Euro Area : The Role of National Structural Reforms in Building Resilience, with J. C Bluedorn, S. Aiyar, R. A Duval, D. Furceri, D. Garcia-Macia, Y. Ji, H. Qu, J. Siminitz, A. Zdzienicka, IMF Staff Discussion Note 19/05

Work In Progress : Improving Youth Labor Market Outcomes in Emerging Market and Developing Economies with J. Ahn, Z. An, J. C Bluedorn, G. Ciminelli, Z. Koczan, D. Muhaj and P. Neidlinger, IMF Staff Discussion Note 19/02

Family Ties in Licensed Professions in Italy with M. Pellizzari (coordinator), G. Basso, Andrea Catania, Giovanna Labartino, and Paola Monti,  A report of the Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti, 2011


Other Research in Progress/Forever WPs

Entrepreneurs’ Wealth and Firm Dynamics